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I never trusted that there was a solid core to law, so I don't know what the fundamental limits are to someone for whom law is a practice and discipline.

Lawyers themselves are often contempuous of their career and peers.

They went to law school because they weren't sure who they were, stayed because it is all-engrossing, and became lawyers because it is ****ing hard not to after law school.

But I don't think many of them like it, and I don't think most ever made an affirmative choice to find what they love and do it.

I liked the people I went to law school with, and they are more socially adept than many of my friends, but going to law school did not improve my view of lawyers.

I thought law was insular and self-reinforcing, and the lack of an external reference means that lawyers aren't grounded by something that could prove them wrong.

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