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"Historical accuracy was tremendously important to us."That accuracy wasn't that easy to come by, however; most of the records of Turing's work for British intelligence during World War II were destroyed.

But while we appreciate the additional data plans offered from the country’s top mobile carriers, they still retain two major problems: first, they’re rather expensive and still carry throttling that can, unfortunately, limit your internet usage speeds if you cross over a certain percentile of data used nation wide.

After stoking the fire a few more times, you have a new option: collect wood, which can be used to build a cart.

Once a cart is built, you can make traps and set them in the surrounding forest, and soon you’re collecting cloth and furs, which can be used to build more huts to attract others to join your small enclave, allowing for the collection of even more fur and meat.

No matter if you’re after a casual game, or something with a bit more depth to sink your teeth into, this list of the twenty best mobile games available without an internet connection is sure to satisfy your thirst for a rewarding single-player offline experience.

Each of these comes fully tested and vetted to ensure great gameplay, guaranteeing you hours upon hours of offline play no matter what kind of gamer you are.

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