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The languages spoken by the Swiss people are German, French, Italian, and to some extent, Romanish. "Switzerland" is a 16th Century Anglicized version of the German word "Schweiz" ... By the same analogy, I would imagine that the English word "Swiss", used to describe anyone or anything from Switzerland, is derived from the French word "Suisse". The location can be seen at the middle-right side of the map.The name of the country in these languages is "Schweiz" (German), "Suisse" (French), "Svizzera" (Italian), and "Svizra" (Romanish). a person from Schweiz would thus be called a "Schweizer", and the land that they come from would be called similarly "Schweizerland". In 58 BC, during the Second Gallic War, the armies of Julius Caesar defeated the Helvetii at the battle of Bibracte.The Helvetii were subsequently integrated into the Roman Empire.In the early middle ages, the area of present day Switzerland was subsequently settled by the Alemanni, the Burgundians, and then the Franks.After 1000, the area was under the control of the Holy Roman Empire and then under control of the Habsburgs.

Switzerland is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural confederation, with beginnings dating back to the year 1291. In the map of ancient Gaul, shown above, one of the most important tribes inhabiting the western part of present day Switzerland was known as the "Helvetii".

Her father also arranged for her to attend a technical high school before she went on to the University of Ljubljana Among friends: Melania's class in 1984 at the local high school. 'She always had higher goals than the rest of us and more ambition.

Her goal was to leave Sevnica for Ljubljana and to go abroad,' her friend Nena Bedek says Melania, who is Trump's third wife, has been tipped as Donald's 'Trump card' in the race to the White House.

Santo Domingo je idealan klub za sve vrste proslava od 50 do 130 ljudi.

Cena iznajmljivanja prostora se kreće od 120e do 250eura u zavisnosti od vrste proslava i usluge i broja ljudi.

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