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Mary Wickes (June 13, 1910 – October 22, 1995) was an American film and television character actress.

She often played supporting roles as prim, professional women, secretaries, nurses and housekeepers, who made sarcastic quips when the leading characters fell short of her high standards.

But one special lanky and loveable not only appeared on the first three sitcoms, but also had a close personal friendship with Lucy herself. If any of us were sick or even in bed with a cold, Mary would show up at the backdoor with a kettle of chicken soup.

(If you guess anything but the right answer I will be sorely saddened and offended.) Mary and Lucy shared a long friendship, on top of working together professionally. She could be loud and boisterous and as demanding as any of the characters she played, but she was also very loving and giving. " with Mary playing the part of a ballet teacher, a Madame Lamond, who tries to teach Lucy how to be graceful onstage. (I apologize for the video quality, but this is the only remaining copy extant on the internet without paying for it!

Archives and Steve Taravella was researching a book on the actress Mary Wickes there, Steve asked me what I’d most want to know about Wickes.

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Louis, Missouri, of German, Scottish and Irish extraction, and raised Protestant.

You do wonderful as Lavern, who I hardly knew was a she.

Sadly enough, I never really managed to watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame, though I was born the same year as it's [email protected] User X90 Some I don't get.

Read more » A tall, lanky character actress, Wickes was a durable and invaluable comedy player of innumerable housekeepers, nurses and nuns.

With her gawky frame, deliciously angular features and famous recessed chin, she wisecracked, busybodied and nosed her way through almost 20 Broadway plays, hundreds of stock productions, ten TV series, countless small-screen guest spots and nearly 50 feature films.

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