Prometheus carbon dating

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While I didn’t hate it unequivocally as a lot of people seem to, I didn’t love it without reservations either.On the Alien sliding scale, it was better than being attacked by a face hugger, but worse than listening to Hudson complaining about being a space marine.

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I saw it in 3D on an original IMAX screen (which undoubtedly assisted the breathtaking vistas), but if you want to see two hours of cinematic splendor this film will absolutely deliver that.

This also had an effect on the biological liquids in the canisters, causing them to start expanding (liquids can expand when the temperature radically canges).

When David first walks into the chamber, we see (although none of the crew notice) that he disturbs some form of larvae on the ground (they come up from under the ground after he steps on it).

If the tree rings between different trees formed in a similar way, then it's likely that those trees have undergone the same variation at the same time.

In addition to allowing more certain proof of a tree's age, it allows dendrochronologists to link together a part of the life of one tree to part of the life of another tree and make an effective "chain" of tree lives.

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