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“We are strictly consciousness-lowering,” Libby jokes, and Joan’s smile practically radiates “I’m gonna like it here.” But by the end of the episode, the boys’-club condescension and harassment she’s subjected to by Mc Cann execs like Dennis and Ferg Donnelly is such that she threatens to sic feminist icon Betty Friedan on the company unless they either put the kibosh on the creeps or cough up the cash she’s owed.Being seen as part of a fundamentally faceless female horde is awful when it subjects you to undercutting, backstabbing, and grab-assing, but it’s a useful tool to strike fear in the hearts of men who watched said horde march through the streets of New York some 50,000 strong fighting for equal rights and respect—the political equivalent of the muscle her developer boyfriend tells her he’s hired from time to time when dealing with difficult individuals.

Currently the Dallas Wings guard, Tracy is two-time WNBA champion with Indiana Fever and Phoenix Mercury in 20 respectively.This makes for a cheaper, faster, and more accessible measurement than accelerator mass spectrometry, and opens the possibility of projects (like the Codilean paper noted above) that involve enough measurements on individual clasts, surfaces, etc. Ne-21 is also a pain in the neck, for a couple of reasons.The most important one is that nearly all minerals contain significant amounts of non-cosmogenic Ne-21.He has some college, makes a good living, but it doesn’t feel like it because he works long hours. He loves sports because he used to play ‘em, and he loves dogs because they don’t talk. He’d been led to believe he’d be soaring in similar fashion—the “white whale” this mega-agency had been chasing for a decade, finally harpooned and towed in to “bring us up a notch.” Instead, he’s just another sailor, lured on board with praise and promises identical to those used to attract others, crewing a ship that will get where it’s going whether he contributes or not.We all know this man, because there are millions of him. So—like Major Tom in David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” the song that ends the episode, a character who himself sees his incredible journey boiled down to the brand of shirts he wears—he cuts himself loose, drifting across the country to the midwestern home of Diana, the melancholy waitress in whose dour company he has found some comfort. Joan has an even harder time accepting her reduced status as more pluribus than unum at the new office, though things seem fine, even fun, at first.

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